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Stoney's Sourdough Pizza Co. ® was born out of the desire to use our creativity, work with our hands and ultimately to be in control of our family's future. I have known for a very long time that when you own your own business, there is no limit on what you can do or achieve. With the rise in popularity of Sourdough bread, we knew we were onto something big when we made our first sourdough pizza. 

Being a former musician for over 25 years (and having performed in many bands), I can't help but to use all the lessons I learned along the way to see this business as an analogy to music and pizza as an outlet to the creativity in my mind.

My team is like a band - we all have our parts to play. When we train, we are practicing for the big show. When the open sign lights up and we unlock our doors, we put on the best show we can for our audience (customers). 

We entertain and engage our audience with a quality performance so they come back for another show (aka - pizza!). 
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My wife and co-founder, Heidi, and I have been health enthusiasts for quite sometime. We are conscious of what goes into the food we eat and serve our family. Being able to offer our community America's favorite comfort food on a Real Sourdough Crust is so exciting to us. We know what it's like to hustle day-in and day-out with work and kids and how difficult of a task making nutritional meals can be - let alone meals that EVERYONE will eat. To be able to give our community a dinner option that's simple, convenient and healthy is something we are proud to do because we know first hand how easy it is to get drive-thru-fried-fast-food when you're in a pinch to get dinner made.

The health benefits of sourdough became prevalent to us after being initially mesmerized by its tangy flavor and irresistible texture. The fermentation process helps break down the gluten in the flour which can result in easier digestion for some people. There is no need to add sugar, yeast, oil or preservatives to sourdough thanks to the calculated fermentation process of the flour, water and salt. These are the only 3 ingredients needed to make real sourdough. 

Click here to get all the details on the benefits of sourdough.
Maybe the passion for providing a better pizza is what brought you here, or maybe it's because there is a burning desire within you that KNOWS you are destined for so much more in this life. That's what brought us here. 

Adam Neher
Founder, Stoney's Sourdough Pizza Co.
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